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    Space - A Way Of Life

    • 2 min read

    The Hospitality & Leisure Industry is traditionally fast-moving with an emphasis on maximising space.

    Covid-19 has turned that on it's head!

    Lockdown has forced us to live & breathe within a tight space, whilst giving the digital age a massive leap forwards.

    We have adapted to life and learned to forego the very eco-systems that current towns & cities provide, but the one thing we crave is SPACE.

    New research keeps coming up with ideas, as lockdown begins to be relaxed and lifted, but one thing is clear, the landscape of towns & cities is about to change.

    Business planning has to be one of short term to get the wheels turning again, a "transitional normality", medium term to adapt to the changes along the way, then longer term to design and create the Hospitality & Leisure spaces of the future, the "new beginning".

    We are all in this challenge together, so with that in mind, our collaborative strategy has been to develop and offer ideas that we believe give potential creative solutions for the short, medium & longer term.

    They are flexible and affordable for the investment journey that lies ahead.

    Our view is that having lived in our own bubble, we don't want to then socialise in a "fishbowl of perspex", so the solutions need to be subtle, creative and subliminal to coerce & reinforce a culture of safe social distancing awareness.

    We believe our ranges of Space Dividers and Planters are a starting point to better manage the flow of people, both inside & out, redefine social spaces and create different environments, whilst giving Architects & Designers some of the creative tools to build and design the space for tomorrow.

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