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Welcome to our “What’s New” page, where innovation meets inspiration in the world of furnishings. Explore the latest trends and additions to our collection, curated to elevate your spaces with style and functionality. From contemporary designs that embrace the cutting edge to timeless classics that endure, our newest arrivals redefine the art of furnishing.

Working alongside our Manufacturers, we are developing new product selections with an emphasis on environmental sustainability to bring together your biophilic design concept, embracing new ways of living & working. 

Keep a regular check as we showcase our new interior design landscape!

Vibe Sofa
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Vibe Sofa £poa
Seta Trolley
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Seta Trolley £poa
Luna Sofa
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Luna Sofa £poa
Luna Daybed
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Luna Daybed £poa
314 Chair
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314 Chair £poa
Brezza Sofa
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Brezza Sofa £poa