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If you’re looking for elements that reinforce the feeling of protection and the physical distance between people, but at the same time accentuate your room with something a little bit different, be it curtains, screens or space dividers with a design difference, then you’ve come to the right place. Why not combine them with our planters!
Arty Room Divider
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Arty Room Divider from £551.00 GBP
Bamboo Pot
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Bamboo Pot £405.00 GBP
Barcelona Screen Divider from £1,163.00 GBP
Beach Screen
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Beach Screen £poa
Boira Hydroplanter from £1,238.00 GBP
Folding Screen
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Folding Screen £974.00 GBP
Giò Wind
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Giò Wind £926.00 GBP
Gufo Acoustic Kits from £747.00 GBP