Stay and Dwell

We offer hotel furniture for all areas of the hotel including: reception areas, restaurants, bars, meeting rooms, conference halls, break-out areas, bedrooms and outdoor spaces. With styles ranging from classic antique and traditional to modern contemporary and boutique, furniture suitable for any hotel interior and hybrid hospitality space is available. Bespoke furniture is also available and exclusive pieces can be created that fit your exact requirements giving the hotel a unique look and feel.

Hotel furniture that complements the surrounding decor creates an impressive and coherent design that is interpreted by guests as a comfortable and stylish place to be.

The wide range of hotel furniture available ensures that there's a piece for each purpose. In the reception area, soft welcoming seats in various colours and materials are fantastic for positive first impressions. Furniture for meeting rooms and co-working spaces create a practical environment for conducting business but also exude a sense of class and style which is nothing short of impressive.

Hotel bedrooms are where guests spend a great deal of time and must be made to feel comfortable in this personal space. At the same time, the hotel furniture must be practical for guests' needs. Our hotel furniture comfortably ticks both boxes.