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Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare Furniture

Healthcare Later Living Furniture Supplier, Affordable Furniture

Health and Care

Health and quality of life are two closely correlated factors. Decades of experience in the sector have made our suppliers' reliable partners for developing healthcare furnishing supplies and projects – for public and private luxury later living, retirement, care & nursing home structures – around the world. Every product is the result of a constant focus on ergonomics and technological innovation.

Our range of healthcare chairs facilitate movement, ensure the user has ideal support in all circumstances and the feeling of wellbeing. On the other hand, they respond to the needs of the workers called upon for additional support, helping them with manoeuvring and moving the user, facilitating their interaction during care and treatment, as well as making cleaning and tidying easier.
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Chairs, Tables & More

We provide an innovative, versatile & stylish collection of healthcare furnishings, with items perfect for use in reception areas, lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms for later living. Our care range portfolio includes bariatric chairs, recliner chairs, lounge seating, dining tables and much more. Every product is customizable and adaptable with a focus on hygiene & upholstery plus an abundance of accessories making them configurable to every user's needs & requirements, whilst still maintaining maximum stability & safety.


To be considered ergonomic, a product must meet various requirements: it should favour optimal dissipation of body weight and appropriate distribution of the load on the surface; it must be comfortable for its intended use, secure, pleasant to use, and highly functional. Each product is designed with the comfort and wellbeing of the later living individual in mind.

Certifications & Environmental Responsibility

Certified to the highest European standards ensures our suppliers' focus on quality & safety. Furthermore in every aspect of our business, we are strongly committed to the environment and sustainable development. All products are made using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.