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Join the upcycling with Sancal!

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Sancal was born under the Spanish sun some fifty years ago and the firm designs balanced products with a strong identity, contemporary style, timeless and eclectic, all made in Spain.

They are committed to their local roots, a love for culture and for a way of life.

They already employ responsible manufacturing techniques, designing products that stand the test of time both aesthetically and in terms of durability. In fact, they are designed to be repaired or dismantled, thus helping to extend their useful life.

However for Sancal, design should be a source of innovation, to develop new concepts and improve existing products.

Sancal Sample Book 136 - Contract Furniture Store

Introducing Sancal’s new 136 sample fabric collection, made from post-consumer plastic!

When we think of the circular economy, we often imagine an infinite loop where our plastic bottles get converted into new bottles of the same quality.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case.  

Most recycling is actually “downcycling”, which means that the quality of the material used is generally degraded and over time, used in ever worse products with each cycle until they can no longer be recycled and are thrown away.

However the new Sample Textile Book 136 is different, made entirely from post-consumer plastic, which has been “upcycled” into a high grade fabric. This fabric has excellent anti-abrasion properties, it will last for years, then when, finally, it must be replaced, it can be recycled all over again.

Sancal Sample 136 1 - Contract Furniture Store

Perfect for the most demanding commercial spaces, this fabric is also designed to keep you safe. It is fire retardant meeting the stringent UK BS5852 Crib 5 test as well as European and US regulations and is ideal for maritime projects requiring IMO certification.

Recycled products often present a tradeoff between the reuse of resources and the control of harmful compounds. This is often compounded yet further by fire retardants, but Sample Book 136 is really unique. It provides all the upsides, whilst still obtaining Oeko-tex certification, guaranteeing that it is non-toxic. 

Sancal 136 Sample - Contract Furniture Store

All of this comes in a distinctive design; each thread being meticulously intertwined to craft an intricate mesh. Dark tones imbue depth and solidity, whilst subtle contrasts in lighter hues bestow a sophisticated sheen. Despite its delicate appearance, this fabric exudes formidable strength, seamlessly blending elegance and functionality.

Sancal Sample 136 2 - Contract Furniture Store

To start working with this magic material, contact us for more information or view more of Sancal's design products here

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