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Marine Terrazzo from Recycled Seashells

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OSTREA : the marine terrazzo made from Recycled Seashells

OSTREA marine terrazzo is entirely produced in Brittany, specifically in Rennes, France, transforming shell waste into an eco-friendly material.

Ostrea Raw Material - Contract Furniture Store

It is a mineral material that is non-porous and homogeneous. The OSTREA material is composed of 65% seashell flakes in a 35% mineral matrix mixture. The seashell flakes can be composed of mussel, scallop or oyster shells.

The raw materials used for crafting OSTREA material are exclusively sourced from France. The seashells used in OSTREA material production come from oyster farms, mussel farmers and seafood houses located in Brittany, Pays de la Loire and Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The minerals used in OSTREA material production are also of French origin.

The OSTREA material has a very low carbon footprint.

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OSTREA material is available in either a polished or satin finish with a variety of sizes & edge profiles and is suitable for a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Furthermore the aesthetics of the OSTREA material can be customised by varying the particle size of the shell flakes and/or by adding natural pigments for colour to complement designs and create unique patterns.

Ostrea Marine Seashell Table Top - Contract Furniture Store

Due to its composition, OSTREA material is 100% recyclable.

OSTREA's mission is to transform local renewable shell waste into an aesthetic, durable and low-carbon recyclable material for interior & exterior design.

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