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    SLIDE sustainable Design

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    A SLIDE Design product means choosing a sustainable design for everyone.

    Slide Design Bio-polyethylene - Contract Furniture Store

    They consider their products to be more than just objects, seeing them as inhabitants of a world that we share and that we can help change through our behaviours and habits.

    Their goal is that Made in Italy is increasingly ethical!

    Thanks to the continuous research of their R&D Department, their collections have developed from using production in 100% recyclable polyethylene to experimenting with second-life plastics and now a new biobased polyethylene, a material derived from renewable sources.

    The use of second-life plastics can be seen in the material they have called Geco, composed of 70% polyethylene and 30% EcoAllene. EcoAllene is made from 100% Tetrapack boxes, giving a second life to a material that until recently had to be disposed of and no longer reused. The polyethylene and aluminium foils in the boxes are recovered directly from the paper mills. They are processed to obtain a material which, when mixed with polyethylene, can be used in rotational moulding.

    The resultant products can be seen in Amanda & Ambrogio designed by Favaretto & Partners.

    Amanda & Ambrogio - Contract Furniture Store

    Moving on to the new biobased polyethylene, which they call Bio-polyethylene, it is a material derived from renewable sources. Indeed, the plastic powder is obtained by refining sugar cane, thus avoiding the use of carbon. The process to obtain biobased polyethylene is from a more sustainable raw material.

    The resultant products can be seen in the Afrika collection designed by Marcantonio and the Mara Masai capsule collection designed by Lorenza Bozzoli.

    Afrika Collection - Contract Furniture Store

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