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    Outdoor Rugs made from Recycled Plastic

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    Vondom Outdoor Rug Type 1 - Contract Furniture Store

    Vondom continue to innovate and develop new techniques to come up with new and cutting-edge products. The result of their efforts is brought to life in outdoor rugs made from recycled plastic.

    Vondom Outdoor Rug Type 1a - Contract Furniture Store

    These rugs are made for the outdoors; as they have UV treatment incorporated, they resist water and high temperatures, and they are also easy to clean and maintain. They are the perfect decorative complement; adding a warm and cosy touch to wherever you place them.

    Vondom Outdoor Rug Type 1b - Contract Furniture Store

    Once again, the use of plastic fibres recovered from the oceans is part of Vondom's journey towards a more sustainable future. This time, they’ve used more than 130 plastic bottles for every square metre of each rug. This is their grain of sand to help the marine ecosystem and the environment.

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