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    New life to Sails

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    Sailing fabrics are made of synthetic fibres, whose disposal is expensive and difficult!

    New life to Sails - Contract Furniture Store

    The Alan de la Coba design team at New Life, an Italian company, are working hard on a structured path towards a sustainable balance in their activities.
    Their latest project is a folding outdoor seating collection made utilising recycled Sails from the port of Trieste, Italy in the Adriatic Sea.

    The Dolcevita Regista Vela Collection consists of an armchair, chair & barstool, which are foldable and use the recycled Sailing fabric with a creative print design.

    Dolcevita Regista Vela - Contract Furniture StoreThe Sails chosen are no longer optimal for sailing, but their dacron fabrics are very strong & long lasting. Every detail and every seam is part of the history of sailing; any creases or marks are synonymous with their originality & uniqueness. Each piece is cut by hand, choosing the best parts, whilst locating any unique details.

    Sail upholstery Process - Contract Furniture Store
    The printing is carried out with water-based inks, which, thanks to the process, penetrate the fabric and are therefore indelible & long lasting.
    The image of the print represents a seabed created with artificial intelligence, then manipulated to turn out as absolutely exclusive.

    Dolcevita Regista Vela Print - Contract Furniture Store

    They can also be customised further with alternative designs and logos.

    Through these seating items they want to give new life to sails which, despite having finished their journey around the world, maintain exceptional resistance and durability qualities.

    Dolcevita Regista Director Chair - Contract Furniture Store

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