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    Natural Culture - A New Awareness

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    Passoni Design, a long established Italian family company with their roots being from an artisan background, use natural materials & finishes, because they have always believed in sustainability, ethics and well-being.

    Passoni Design - Contract Furniture Store

    Their use of the phrase Natural Culture embodies a New Awareness of the environmental, technical, aesthetic & cultural values of wood and other natural materials. A thought process transformed into beauty, warmth and well-being through a real and profound knowledge of wood plus an authentic love of nature.

    Passoni Design Genea - Contract Furniture Store

    Now as a modern innovative company, they have built upon traditional craftsmanship values with direct control over all their production phases, particularly in the formation of curves in high-thickness solid wood, like the Genea & Decanter collections, which are both featured within the Contract Furniture Store

    Using solid wood from FSC®-certified sustainable plantations and an exclusive wood-curving process, fabulous rounded shapes are created...

    Passoni Genea Components - Contract Furniture Store

    ...finished using natural oils free of harmful substances, water-based adhesives, dyes derived from wine, pomace and natural pigments using a patented method (in collaboration with PelleVino Treatments® completely environmental patented technology).

    Passoni Genea Staining - Contract Furniture Store

    By using FSC®-certified wood together with non-toxic adhesives and natural finishes, they reduce the environmental impact of their production process to a minimum: even scrap wood is reused to produce biomass.

    Passoni Design Process - Contract Furniture Store

    Furthermore they can supply fabrics in pure wool, produced without any chemical processing, to offer a naturally antistatic, breathable and hard-wearing performance. 

    Inspirational and with an extremely versatile bespoke approach, you can see more here.

    Passoni Genea Lazy - Contract Furniture Store