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    Johanson Design Pelican crossing Green

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    Johanson Design's Pelican is their first EU Ecolabelled chair.

    Johanson Design Pelican 08 Plastic Chair - Contract Furniture Store

    Designed by Johan Lindstén, its a sleek-looking chair with gently rounded lines produced by recycled plastic materials.

    The Pelican chair offers the very best in seating comfort and yet is not only lightweight and stackable, but also made from recycled materials with the many metal base variants being 20-50% recycled Swedish steel complementing the Swedish recycled plastic seat shells.

    It doesn't stop there, because Johanson Design still allow you to Design with the recycled plastic shells being in many standard colours or in any of the 192 RAL colours available.

    Johanson Design Pelican Colours - Contract Furniture Store

    Pelican is the first chair in Sweden to be awarded the EU Ecolabel challenging attitudes on the choice of materials at a time when sustainability and environmental issues are high on the agenda. Johanson Design consulted experts from the plastics, recycling and manufacturing industries at an early stage of the development process, using their collective input to create the best possible foundation on which to build a successful project. The recycled plastic comes from a Swedish supplier.

    EU Ecolabel - Contract Furniture Store


    The EU Ecolabel, also known as the EU Flower, is the European counterpart to the Nordic Swan label and one of the world’s top ecolabels. It is an ISO Type 1 certification, which means that it is independent, adopts a life-cycle perspective and embraces a holistic approach to the evolution of certification criteria. 


    Johanson Design Pelican Barstool - Contract Furniture Store

    The Pelican launched in Spring 2020 has now spawned a Family with a barstool at two heights to accompany the chair in its many guises, which now includes a fully upholstered sustainable shell version. 

    Johanson Design Pelican Family - Contract Furniture Store

    Johanson Design Pelican Upholstered - Contract Furniture Store

    Johanson Design's sustainability philosophy is based on making furniture themselves. They use environmentally adapted materials and have complete control over every stage of production, from woodworking and metalworking to sewing and assembly. 

    Johanson Design Pelican Task Chair - Contract Furniture Store

    Admire the Pelican Family here.