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    HOUE Turning Trash into Treasure

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    HOUE stopped looking at trash as a problem and started seeing it as the resource it is.

    HOUE, a Danish design house, want to ensure the right steps are being taken in creating responsible furniture, considering both the social and environmental impacts from their actions.

    They work within a systemic perspective, taking into account how things are always connected. As a consequence they base their decisions on facts and thorough documentation.

    With this in mind they aim to make recycled materials a part of their future furniture development, and their NEWS for the outdoor season 2022 contains both recycled fabrics – and even recycled household plastic trash. 

    Houe MyTrash - Contract Furniture Store

    Their "This is MyTrash" project creates furniture made from recycled everyday household plastic trash.

    The new Falk, Nami & ReClips collections all have a clear signature look and are designed with comfort & style in mind.

    The technology behind re-using ­household plastic trash for furniture production is ­developed in Denmark, the collections being designed by Danish designers and the plastic elements produced in Denmark – so, basically this furniture is a result of mixing Danish design and Danish innovation and converting this new thinking and material into new design furniture.

    Be part of their vision!

    Whenever you sort your household plastic trash, you are part of the same movement as MyTrash. A movement towards a more sustainable future.