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    Gaber 100% Recycled with Lilibet

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    Gaber designs, develops and produces furniture for the world of contract, rooted in the "Made in Italy" tradition.

    Their techno-polymer products are made with high quality raw materials: 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

    Gaber Recycling - Contract Furniture Store

    The launch of their new "ZERO WASTE" collection is another step along their sustainability journey with the Lilibet, a stackable side & armchair.

    Lilibet - Contract Furniture Store

    They are manufactured from completely recycled plastic material: 50% from post-consumer certified plastic waste (PCR) and 50% from industrial plastic waste (PIR).

    PCR being an abbreviation for "Post Consumer Recycled" and is the raw material made from the waste generated by the consumer/end user. PIR, an abbreviation for "Post Industrial Recycled" and is the raw material made from waste produced within the industry.

    The models are both stackable, CATAS tested and available in a range of colours for both internal & external use.

    Lilibet Collection - Contract Furniture Store 

    And finally, at the end of Lilibet's life cycle, the raw material remains totally recyclable and at the centre of a circular economic model aimed at increasingly sustainable development.

    View Lilibet here.