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    Beaches are deserted, iSiMAR are respectful

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    iSiMAR are respectful European Manufacturers of outdoor design furniture.

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    They are passionate about their industrial origins and Mediterranean roots.


    Based in Pamplona, Spain, they have been working with the same pure, natural & environmental materials, with care & knowledge, for the last 55 years.

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    iSiMAR achieve a level of excellence in the manufacturing process by the following controls:-

    1. Choice of material
    2. Industrial technology applied to component manufacturing
    3. In-house tooling
    4. Welding & finishing
    5. Painting in powder epoxy polyester for external use
    6. Quality control systems


    In 2012, they took a new direction, going into the manufacture of their own designs. 

    iSiMAR Bedesign1 - Contract Furniture Store
    iSiMAR Bedesign2 - Contract Furniture Store
    iSiMAR Bedesign1 - Contract Furniture Store
    iSiMAR Bedesign1 - Contract Furniture Store

    iSiMAR conceive each collection, together with architects & designers, with the purpose of producing pieces that inspire professionals in creating clean, modern, comfortable & functional spaces.


    They set out to be different and have developed a strategic plan that protects & strengthens their commitment to our environment, company innovation, the social & economic setting, whilst maintaining quality throughout:-

    1. Using 100% recycled materials with all of their furniture being 100% recyclable including the packaging
    2. iSiMAR furniture is designed to be long-lasting, participating in the circular economy
    3. 100% renewable energy consumption
    4. A minimum waste policy aiming to reduce their carbon footprint
    5. They promote innovation to improve the quality of their manufacturing process
    6. Supporting local industry. 100% of their vendors are European with 80% of them being local to their factory
    7. Ethical and believe in gender equality & job security
    8. They carry out activities & alliances with like-minded organisations

    iSiMAR Berespectful - Contract Furniture Store

    Strong Morals develop #berespectful, strong Traditions demonstrate #beauthentic, strong Plans with Designers create #bedesign, undoubtedly #bemediterranean 

    See the iSiMAR collections here and look forward to use them at a vibrant beach very soon. 

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