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    Be Inspired By Mogg, each product has it's own history

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    Be Inspired By Mogg

    Mogg - Contract Furniture Store

    MOGG was born from the desire of its founder, the architect nicola galbiati.

    With a long experience in the world of furniture and design, the architect starts from where he had stopped.

    Mogg - Contract Furniture Store

    To transport an image of a parallel world into a clearly different context. A pallet of wooden boards becomes the compositional and formal starting point to create an unexpected, surprising chest of drawers, spacious and functional, whose image is the embodiment of a panoply of "imperfections" that are actually the identity traits of an object with a natural crafted spirit and thus unique.

    Mogg - Contract Furniture Store

    In essence that is MOGG!

    MObili (furniture) OGGetti (objects)

    Mogg, a relatively new Italian company which was set up by Nicola, who wanted to work with a team of other architects, designers and architects.

    He calls them his “partners with vision – crazy dreamers” and together they want to create pieces that limit the boundary between art and design.

    Graphic cuts opposed to curved lines, warm materials combined with those cold, dynamism and versatility characterize the production.

    Objects soloists, families of complements, intense shades and soft shapes, all elements of strong character who know how to make their mark, with a marked propensity to become iconic, with a strong connotation of the details that make them distinctive.

    Galbiati has said his intention is to move away from a world saturated wtih commercial furniture and is proud to describe many of Mogg’s products as pieces that won’t blend in.

    MOGG has a soul and a well-defined identity, fresh, curious who wants to surprise you and herself, looking for people that with their visions ( crazy and dreamers), with their enthusiasm, their work and their perceptions to love the new and modern concept of living.

    Browse the latest brochure split into three parts from Mogg, Furniture Objects, where each product has it's own history. 

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    Mogg - Contract Furniture Store


    Mogg - Contract Furniture Store