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    All Season Outdoor Dining Solutions

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    From winter to summer, the Igloo Outdoor Dining Pod has got you covered.

    Igloo Oslo Dining Pod - Contract Furniture Store


    The Igloo is a stylish outdoor shelter that provides protection from the elements, whatever the season, allowing you to maximise your external space.

    Igloo with Planters - Contract Furniture Store

    Being European made, from aerospace grade aluminium, the Igloos are as sturdy as they are practical and are the ideal solution for outdoor dining/entertaining, creating that cosy outside family/party space or special shaded retreat in the warmer months.

     Igloo Base - Contract Furniture Store

     Igloo Top - Contract Furniture Store

    Covers to suit all seasons, integrated vintage lighting system and multiple sizes for versatility gives you the inviting experience to transform your outdoor space.

     Igloo Outdoor Caribbean Dining Pod - Contract Furniture Store Igloo Outdoor St Tropez Dining Pod - Contract Furniture Store
    Caribbean Cover St Tropez Cover

    Pick and mix your covers to suit the weather, from transparent PVC for winter and mosquito nets for summer, just one frame fits all, so no need to source multiple shelter options for all of the seasons.

    Igloo Caribbean Dining Pod - Contract Furniture Store

    Take your outdoor shelter from one season to the next by seamlessly transitioning it with our range of accessories, even use planters to enhance and/or stabilise the experience in more open spaces.

    Igloo St Tropez - Contract Furniture Store

    The possibilities really are endless.

    These striking beauties are happy to take centre stage so you can relax inside, sheltered from the elements while enjoying a 360-degree view of your gorgeous outdoor space.

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