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    10 of the Best by Billiani

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    10 of the Best by Billiani

    We'd like to share with you our Top 10 chairs in wood and colour by Billiani, an Italian manufacturer.


    1. W.

    Fabrizio Gallinaro's design interpretation of the classic Windsor chair.


    Billiani W.


    2. Load

    Inspired by Scandinavian design by Emilio Nanni.


    Billiani Load


    3. Doll

    A story of a little girl's doll.

    Billiani Doll

    4. Croissant

    Distinguished by a crosspiece, a refined sense of belonging.


    Billiani Croissant
    5. Hippy

    Characterised by it's stitchwork and attention to detail.


    Billiani Hippy
    6. Spy

    With back legs splaying underneath a crafted shell, which folds the upholstery.


    Billiani Spy
    7. Tracy

    Very functional, many options.


    Billiani Tracy
    8. Gradisca

    Crafted by a maestro, Werther Toffoloni, to reflect both traditional and modern facets.


    Billiani Gradisca
    9. Vincent

    A breath of fresh air from bygone times.


    Billiani Vincent
    10. Fuga & Toccata

    So much detail, so much beauty.


    Billiani Fuga & Toccata


    We picked our Top 10, but there are so many more from Billiani at the Contract Furniture Store.

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