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TON, Traditional to Contemporary Bentwood Furniture

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From traditional to contemporary bentwood furniture, that's the beauty of TON, with bentwood chairs, stools & tables made by people.

TON still manufacture bentwood furniture using a manual bending technique at the place, where this tradition began in 1861. Moreover they integrate the features of this unique technique with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Their bentwood chairs & tables become a connection of quality, innovative shapes and a legacy to the place that has learned to understand wood for generations.

Synonymous with this approach are their latest collections of Merano, Split & Bloom.

  • The Merano chair, armchair and bar stool combine a bottom design made of solid wood with harmonic shapes of bent plywood for the seat and backrest.

TON Merano - Contract Furniture Store

  • The Split chair, armchair, lounge chair and bar stool are based on manually bent split lengths of massive wood, which support the seat and backrest.

TON Split - Contract Furniture Store

  • The Bloom tables are formed by three/four bent squared timbers, size dependant, that support the table top.

TON Bloom - Contract Furniture Store

Representative of traditional bentwood techniques with a contemporary twist, their appearance can be further enhanced by the addition of any RAL colour.

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