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    VISO - Light is Life

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    VISO - Light is Life

    Viso Juju - Contract Furniture Store

    VISO Lighting is now available at the Contract Furniture Store.

    VISO’s lighting design collections rest on a “Light is Life” philosophy: light inspires life into spaces.

    Light affects our perception through its warmth, colour, and dimension.

    A changeable physicality enhances spaces and creates strong emotional impact.

    VISO provides expert design and manufacturing solutions for projects anywhere and of any kind.

    They provide standard products from their regular collections as well as custom lighting solutions.

    Proudly Canadian, they specialise in the design and manufacturing of contemporary decorative light fixtures to service the hospitality industry, such as office spaces, retail stores, open areas and more.

    Their projects include new establishments, renovations, hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

    VISO was established in the late 90s when designer/entrepreneur Filipe Lisboa of Portugal undertook an unconventional approach to lighting design.

    His unique take on 60s and 70s-inspired designs was an instant standout among his peers.

    VISOs collections reflect a sophisticated elegance and cutting edge style earning unprecedented success around the world.

    Our collections cover the very best of Furnishings, from indoors to outdoors, modern to traditional, off the shelf genuine Brands to your own creative Bespoke.

    Big Brands just got decidedly cheaper…Bespoke easier...

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