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    TON Logs hangs it's Coat on simple Sustainability

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    TON Logs Coat Hanger combines simple Product Design with Eco-friendly Sustainability

    TON Logs is made from quality wood offcuts that are not suitable for making chairs, recycling beech or oak waste into a star-shaped minimalist coat hanger.

    Hanna Litwin and Romin Heide from the German design studio Büro Famos were brainstorming a simple idea of making a product that could go on the wall from a small number of wooden pieces.‎

    “We discovered that some pieces from TON's furniture production were not suitable for making chairs, but are perfect for our coat hanger,” explains Romin of their initial thoughts behind Logs.‎

    Hanna adds "We weren’t thinking of making eco-friendly furniture in the beginning, but it's a logical idea to compound something like this"

    and continues “The coat hangers can be hung individually, in a strict row or you can be playful with them”, which develops design creativity.

    This idea of utilising wood offcuts is further enhanced with product packaging, as Logs coat hangers are shipped in waste cardboard that can't be used for shipping chairs.‎ 

    Logs will come to you in packaging made from recycled cardboard and was packed in the HelpSoul work space for people with disabilities, adding a further social dimension. 

    Things can be thrown away... or happily reused.

    So go ahead and hang it on your wall!


    Hang your Coat or even Bag with Logs here.