The Contract Furniture Store's StableTable "No more wobbly tables!"

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    The Contract Furniture Store's StableTable "No more wobbly tables!"

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    The Contract Furniture Store's StableTable "No more wobbly tables!"

    StableTable - Contract Furniture Store

    The Contract Furniture Store's StableTable "No more wobbly tables" is a patented innovative solution to the classical problem with tables that wobble.

    How many times have you sat at a table that wobbles, but you'd rather not move, so what do you do, folded napkin, folded beer mat or even the menu?

    Now with this special stable table base, there is a solution!

    It is a fully automatic system with no manual interaction needed.

    Place the table where you want it and it stabilizes by adjusting and locking it's legs. Move it and amazingly it readjusts to the new position.

    How does it work?

    Simple, there is a mechanical construction inside the pillar, where two of the cross legs and their movement are controlled. As soon as equilibrium has been achieved, the mechanism automatically locks itself. When it is lifted, the mechanism automatically unlocks itself again and you can then place it where you want it, time and time again!

    One outstanding feature is that it can be used on any type of surface.

    On carpet, tile, wood, inside or outside it will manage unevennesss of up to 2.5-3 cm.

    Key features

    • Fully self adjusting
    • Fully automatic
    • No hydraulics, no valves, no bladders
    • Works on any uneven surface
    • Manages bumps and grooves
    • Both for indoors and outdoors
    • Easier to arrange seating
    • Increased flexibility
    • Lowers overall costs

    No more wobbly tables - only StableTable!

    StableTable "No more wobbly tables".

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