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EMU think Outside

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Emu We Think Outside - Contract Furniture Store

EMU, a pioneer company in technical know-how for metal processing & protection, producing commercial outdoor furniture, creating authentic & ideal environments to experience an Italian-style garden with comfort, conviviality & relaxation.

We were born and raised surrounded by nature; attention and care for the environment is in EMU's DNA. They have always taken care of their region: Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy.

Making long-lasting products, both in terms of design and solidity, is one of the key elements to ensure sustainability. The attention that EMU pays to the environment covers the entire life cycle of their products, from the use of 100% recyclable and incombustible materials, like steel and aluminium, to the recycling and minimisation of waste. The collections containing wood are made of 100% FSC® teak, which comes from responsibly managed forests measured by rigorous environmental, social and economic standards. The environmental compatibility of the entire EMU range is guaranteed by processes carried out within their own Italian facilities.

Emu Italian Certified Excellence - Contract Furniture Store

Tables, chairs, sofas, sunbeds and accessories to furnish your outdoor spaces. A combination of durability, reliability and design are the added value of EMU, their brand warranty being recognised worldwide. Each piece of furniture is designed to withstand high contractual usage in extreme weather conditions. All their products are subjected to a rigorous process of protection and finishing of metals to ensure a long service life outdoors. Practical and stackable with fire-retardant fabrics, wide appeal and outstanding performance contribute to making EMU products user-friendly and perfect for exceptional locations.

Emu think outside - Contract Furniture Store

We think Outside is an invitation to enthusiastically release the desire to live outdoors, beyond any physical and mental constraint; an approach that EMU translates into the continuous sustainable search for innovative and original solutions, typical of the best Made in Italy know-how, whilst still respecting the world we live within.

EMU certainly do think outside!

Think their collection.